Segment Displays Wiki
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Digital watches need two or three pairs of digits zero through nine and a separator, usually a colon realized as separate segments. Watches supporting 12-hour mode also need an AM/PM indicator, which can be as easy as a dot segment lit or not. Seconds may use smaller segments.

Indo-arabic digits
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
abcefg cdefg adef bcdeg adefg aefg acdef bcefg ef bcd

Calendar function[]

If they shall also display the date, with month or weekday names (abbreviated) in English, they also need to support several letters.

English month names
Month UPPER Initial Uni/Adhoc
January JAN Jan JAN
February FEB Feb FEB
March MAR Mar MAR
April APR Apr APR
June JUN Jun JUN
July JUL Jul JUL
August AUG Aug AUG
September SEP Sep SEP
October OCT Oct OCT
November NOV Nov NOV
December DEC Dec DEC
English day names
Month UPPER Initial Uni/Adhoc
Monday MON Mon MON
Tuesday TUE Tue TUE
Wednesday WED Wed WED
Thursday THU Thu THU
Friday FRI Fri FRI
Saturday SAT Sat SAT
Sunday SUN Sun SUN