Segment Displays Wiki

Geascript is a trademark of BMG|MIS, previously AEG|MIS. It is a family of 4-segment display fonts improved for readability.

The “7+” variant is actually an 8-segment display for leading digits and a complex setup of segments for the last two digits which allows excellent display of several physical unit symbols, e.g. kilogram ‘kg’, and the Euro currency symbol ‘€’. It is hence primarily intended for price displays and cash registers. They can also frequently be seen, in Europe at least, on electronic signs showing available parking spaces.

The “38”, “88” and “111” variants support full alphanumeric display of roman text, the latter two include diacritic signs above, the last one even features descenders. There is also a proportional version. They are often employed in public transport, such as arrival and departure tables on airports or destination labels on trains and busses.